Monday, 1 September 2014

Cloth Nappy Clinic - Cleaning the Fluffies

Hi, I am Debs & I'm one of the Beebies Cloth Nappy Experts, along with Kelly. This week we're talking about how best to clean your cloth nappies.

For a long time I was in two minds about transitioning to cloth. Belle was to be my final baby and I'd never used them before, and I guess the idea of big cute bottys appealed to me. However, before I made the decision to use cloth, the warnings that were thrown at me were unreal:

  • they'll smell
  • your washing usage will sky rocket
  • it's bad for their bums
and more!
Let me tell you now, every single one was a myth, especially the cleaning side of it. I do no more washing loads than I did pre-fluff and on the plus side of being a cloth Mum,  your washing line will be the prettiest one for miles around.Fact.

Here is how I clean my fluffies when it's cleaning day:
When my nappy pale is full, I pop them all into the machine and put them on for a rinse cycle to begin with. This is just to flush them through before giving them a proper long wash. Once the rinse is complete, I'd add a little powder detergent directly into the machine, you can place it into the little drawer, its up to yourself what you'd prefer to do. I also like to add a little lavender oil directly into the drum also, this just gives the load a pleasant scent on top of their freshness once they've been washed. I'd then put it on a long wash {lasting about 2hrs} at 60 degrees.
Just remember when using powder detergent, to use less than you would for a standard clothing wash, mainly because the nappies can develop a build up and their absorbency can be effected. So use less, and if you prefer liquid detergent, then use less again, as those are considered to be stronger than the bog standard powdered detergents.

Then once those beauties are washed {and hoping the weather is dry} hang those fluffies up and have your clothes line looking like a little slice of fluffy heaven. Or failing the weather being against you, hang them up inside and have the prettiest front room on the street.

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