Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Do I Need A Doula?

Natalie at Birth Baby Bliss tells us the benefits of having a doula by your side during pregnancy and those early baby days. 

Having a baby is a wonderful. But you can feel scary, happy, sad, excited & nervous all at the same time. Having someone there to support, encourage and say it will be OK can make all the difference to the first experiences you have as a new mum. That someone is a doula.

You can have a birth doula, who supports you through pregnancy, labour and birth. You will meet your doula when you are around 6 months pregnant, and will usually have few meetings together before the birth to discuss your hopes for your labour and birth. Your birth doula will usually be on call for 14 days before and after your due date. Once your labour starts you can give your doula a call and decide when you feel you need her to come to support you. You birth doula will be there throughout your labour and will stay for a couple of hours after you have given birth. Your doula can provide advice on pain relief, birth positions and what to pack in your hospital bag. A birth doula is a wonderful practical and emotional support and can help to take the pressure off of your husband.

You can also have a post natal doula who will support you from the day your baby is born until they are a few weeks old. Although you can always hire a doula any time after you have had a baby and for however long you feel you need the support. A post natal doula will come to your home and help you through the early weeks of your babies’ life. It is lovely to have the support of a women who has experience as a mother herself. Your post natal doula can give support and guidance on feeding your baby, giving them a bath, giving you time to nap and provide emotional support for you.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of a doula, please have a look at my

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