Thursday, 21 August 2014

Mummy Fashion - Comfort, Practicality & Style Tips

Hi everyone! I'm Kerry and I blog over at LivedWithLove as well as being a Beebies Ambassador. I am going to be focusing my posts on Fashion for Mums & Kids here at Beebies.

Just because you have become a Mum, it doesn't mean you have to change your fashion style or lose it altogether. It can be tempting to just shove on the nearest, comfiest items in the morning when you're tired and not thinking straight, but with a little thought and prep, dressing well can be that easy too. 

Here are my top tips to stay fashionable as well as comfortable and practical.

1. Invest in some comfortable but fashionable jeans.

Jeans are most mums go-to item as they are so easy to wear but they can be fashionable too. Be sure to get some you are comfortable in and that fit well, don't try and hide in baggier jeans, they will only make you look bigger. Also try and go for a more fashionable pair of jeans, maybe try the ripped jean look or some with a discreet pattern on, something that makes them a little more interesting and fashionable than regular jeans. 

2. Dresses are comfortable too.

Dresses seem to be a no-go for many mums as they don't feel comfortable in them but to flatter any lumps and bumps, go for shift style dresses; they suit almost every shape and size. They are cool and comfy in the Summer and fashionable at the same time. If you feel they are a bit too shapeless, add a belt to pull it in a bit at the waste, it will create some shape but still be flattering to the other areas. Team with some sensible flat sandals and you're ready to go!

3. Mix and match.

Something I love to do is mix and match items that seem opposite. So a smarter skirt with a more casual top and vice versa. The clash is very fashionable but you can also make the outfit a lot more suitable to your style and comfort needs. Above is an outfit I wore when we went to Peppa Pig world with Sienna; I needed to be comfortable walking round all day but it was quite warm as well. The smarter style skirt is something I rarely wear but teamed with the casual t-shirt and denim jacket, it made for the perfect day time outfit that was a nice change from jeans. The skirt kept me cool all day but was long enough to be comfortable and keep my modesty as a Mum!

So there's my top tips, I hope they helped and have given you some confidence to try and get some style into your mummy wardrobe! 

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