Sunday, 3 August 2014

Perfect Felt Fruit!

Beebies Ambassador Kelly & Tia had the pleasure of trying & testing our fabulous Fabric Fancies play food, and this is what they think! 

We love cooking here, Tia’s often helping me when she can In her kitchen pod. She loves pretend cooking more and more now too, it’s lovely watching her as she’s getting older. How she’s playing with toys is changing all the time. We were recently sent some felt fruit that’s stocked at Beebies store and we’ve had so much fun playing pretend cooking with it! We received a pineapple, strawberries, grapes, kiwi fruits, a red and green apple, an orange, and two bananas, one whole and one split!The attention to detail in these fruits is amazing, down to the yellow seeds on the strawberries and the tiny black seeds in the kiwi fruits. The pineapple has really pointy leaves making them look as spiky as they are on the real fruit. The bananas are Tia’s favourite, she calls them “nana” and is always trying to eat them, I think they may look too realistic!! The half peeled banana can be fully peeled by pulling it out of the skin.All these fruits have been handmade to order and can be ordered here. Tia’s getting a play kitchen for her second birthday, and I shall be buying all the vegetables that are made by the same person as the quality is so so good. I had originally planned to buy her wooden play food but will get her a mixture now.

Do you have a little one who loves play-food?

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