Friday, 22 August 2014

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Here at Beebies we love to read what's going on with your growing family. This week we have been cooing over your lovely newborns on twitter and catching up with some gorgeous new arrivals. Here we've picked our top 5 blogs featuring gorgeous babas under 3 months old! 

First up is Amy's great post about the all important fourth trimester - we all know how important is is to form a bond with baby during those first precious months but what about some time to just look after yourself too. We totally agree that mamas need looking after too so make sure you accept any help going and why not save for little things like take out and a cleaner for those first few weeks. It really can take that feeling of pressure off.

Second up isn't a new baby post but actually we feel it has some great underlying tips for the new dads among you. This post from MummyDaddyMe shows the precious bond between daddy and children. It's not just all about mum after all. Special bonding time is needed for our partners too. From skin to skin when baby is born to allocated daddy time it's key to settle this is as soon as you can. A simple cuddle time while a new mama takes a much needed soak in the tub means dad gets dedicated time without baba rooting for a breastfeed (I'm sure baby can smell me from 100ft away ;))

We couldn't have a round up without including our very special friend and Beebies Ambassador Jennie's new arrival. Beautiful Baby Bea arrived last week and we couldn't be more thrilled. Excited to see how this beautiful rainbow grows and of course take advantage of any cuddles on offer!

Nicola is so honest in this post  in how she feels now she is a mum of 2. Those first few weeks are so daunting, scary, exciting and new. It sounds like it's all go but she sums it up really well when she explains that she's lucky. I have to admit I feel the same. Parenting 2 feels really different but also I can agree with Nicola that as much as you feel exhausted, frazzled and a bit dis organised there is something very grounding about being a parent to two.

And finally we are loving catching up with the dadventur, with his video of 204 days of pregnancy  It's so important to make sure special moments are captured and we can't wait to see what else he has in store as baby grows!

So how are you documenting those special early days? And most importantly look after yourself! Time is precious ! Go make memories!

With thanks to Chelle McCann for her contributions to this weeks post. 

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  1. Some great articles here, enjoyed reading them. Thanks for including my time lapse pregnancy video too! :)