Wednesday, 13 August 2014

We Love... BabaSling

According to medical professionals, babies & children thrive through touch. 

Regular physical contact between you and your baby is essential for early development for your child and for building the foundations of your new found relationship.

While it would be almost impossible to have that 1-1 contact with baby 24/7, baby wearing is a wonderful way to encourage that all important contact. 

There are hundreds of ways to wear your baby, and nearly as many devices to use! From slings to papooses, carriers to wraps you're bound to find the right babywearng kit for you & your baby's needs. 

Beebies Ambassador, Rachel, tells us why she loved using the BabaSling with her littlies & why she'll be using it again for her next arrival! 

When we had Alex, Harrison was only 16 months old.he was a confident walker but as he was still so little, we needed to think about practical ways of getting around with a newborn and a very young toddler. We did buy a second hand side by side double buggy, which I absolutely hated. Graham used the car for work so if we wanted to go out in the daytime we relied on good old public transport. In inner city Birmingham, using a single pushchair on a bus was a nightmare. A double? Forget it! We had a very structured carrier which we used once or twice with Harrison, but after reading that they could be quite damaging to their hips because of positioning, we got rid. Someone suggested a sling - we googled lots and they all looked very complicated, until we came across the BabaSling

We ordered it straight away. The double buggy was left to lie abandoned under the stairs. Alex absolutely loved being in the sling, and it was comfortable for me to wear for hours at a time without putting a strain on my back. When we went out,the along came with us, so if Harrison was tired he could go in the pushchair and I could 'wear' Alex in the Babasling. It was so much easier than trying to manoeuvre a double buggy, and I loved the feeling of Alex being close enough to kiss whilst we were out and about. It became something I couldn't have managed without. From birth, Alex was a very cuddly baby and hated to be put down. I quite often popped him in the sling and got on with the housework and playing with Harrison whilst he dozed happily in it. I even managed to learn how to feed him whilst he was in it - took a bit of practise but made life so much easier! 

Our sling is ready and waiting for baby number three. We sold our double pushchair and certainly won't bother with a new one - this baby too will be a Babasling baby!

If you love the babasling as much as we do, please consider voting for us in the Loved By Parents Awards as your 'Best Independent Retailer'. And while you're there... The Babasling has been shortlisted too! 

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